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Vanessa Stahl
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Tagged by :iconsanuria1:

1. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.

2. Tag five people to do this meme!

3. You will be notified when i tag you ^^

Let's get started!

1. What is your name?
Fifi <3 

2. Do you know why you were named that?
I don't know babe. Ask my fucking parents cuz they named me that

3. Are you single or taken?
I'm taken ;*

4. Have any abilities or powers?

My boobs and stripper dance affects a lot of guys, so yeah my boobs and dance is my special abilities babe

5. Stop being a Mary-sue!

Babe, I don't know what is that

6. What's your eye colour?

Pink <3

7. How about hair color?
Pink!!! <3 But I'm thinking that I should dye it red >;*

8. Have you any family-members?
Well I live with my chicas, my boyfriend and of course Alex.
9. Oh? How about pets?
Not good at taking care of them. One time I had a pet hamster and I thought hamsters eat anything, so I didn't give that much food to my pet hamster. The next day it died. I also dyed it pink and purple, black and red.

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
Bitches that think they are prettier than me. Cuz I have it all honey. *snaps fingers*

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
Yes. Dancing and massaging my boobs

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?
I guess. I don't know. 

13. Ever... killed anyone before?
I wish.....

14. What kind of animal are you?
Sheeeep!!! Baaaaaaaa- Ehehe~ *does peace sign*

15. Name your worst habits?
Eating grass and dandelion

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?
Yes. My chicas. Especially Vivi.

17. Are you Gay,  Straight, or Bisexual?
You really want to know, huh? Well guess what!?!? I'm bi <3 ;* But I like guys mostly

18. Do you go to school?
Ha.....Nobody got time for that babe

19. Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?
Probably not cuz I don't want to get fat. Plus, I'm crazy so I won't be a great mother. I love being wild ;*

20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ Next question ;*

21. What are you most afraid of?
I'm afraid that someone will hurt my puppies (boobs), being buried alive and drowning

22. What do you usually wear?
Honey, I wear anything. I wear bootyshorts mostly cuz not to brag but, I have a cute tail and a nice ass ;) *Slaps ass*

23. What's one food that tempts you?
Hay or grass

24. Am I annoying you?

No babe, you are doing fine ;*

25. Well, it's still not over!


26. What class are you? (low class, middle class, high class)?
I guess middle class

27. How many friends do you have?
Hun, I have my crew so you probably know them

28. What are your thoughts on pie?

Pie is great if it has grass and dandelions in it.

30. Favourite drink?
Beer, champagne, coke, margarita, piña colada etc. ;*

31. What's your favourite place?
I actually like Hard Rock Cafe. It doesn't look like it, but I love rock

32. Are you interested in anyone~?

Pffff, I have a boyfriend honey

33. If you're a girl, what's your cup size? If you're a guy, how big are you?
*holds breasts* You already know ;*

34. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
Never. I can't swim

35. What's your type?
I guess any

36. Any fetishes?
I guess looking at my boobs

37. Seme or uke (it means top or bottom in the world of yaoi)
Both ;*

38. Camping or indoors?
Both! I like eating grass so its fine with me if we go camping

39. Are you still wanting the quiz to end?
I don't know?

40. Well, it's over! Now tag five people!

Bye babe!
I TAG EVERYONE! So go ahead peeps.

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